Los Angeles-based Warbly Jets is in the midst of their January Monday night residency at The Satellite. During the second week, they played amongst a packed room of friends and intrigued onlookers. Warbly Jets gave a loud and impressive performance in front of an American flag backdrop. 

The foursome, which formed back in 2015, is comprised of singer-guitarist Samuel Shea, keyboardist Julien O’Neill, Justin Goings on drums and Dan Gerbang on bass. Since the release of their single “Alive” back in November, the band is rapidly creating a buzz with their American rock ‘n’ roll sound. 

Don’t miss them the 23rd and/or 30th at The Satellite.

Giving the evening an impressive start was Canadian native Calvin Love. Love emits a gorgeous, cool and collected sound which allured us almost instantly. His 2015 release Super Future is highly recommended and available for stream through bandcamp.

We can’t seem to get enough of L.A. Witch. Fronted by Sade Sanchez on guitar/vocals, Irita Pai on bass and Ellie English on drums, L.A. Witch delivered a strong, dark surf rock sound with a haunting blues-like edge. Their 7″ is almost sold out. It includes “Brian” and “Untitled” which aren’t available online until their full-length is released this year. 

Dream pop duo Chris and Lexy Valentine of Magic Wands ended the evening. Coming in hot off their 2016 release Jupiter, it was no surprise that Magic Wands had fully entranced us with their infectious sounds. Joining the duo onstage were Tommy Alexander on bass and Keith Crutchfield on drums, whom are now new additions to the band. With elements of post punk and an upbeat ethereal sound, Magic Wands continues to perfect their noteworthy craft.