Stonefield - As Above, So Below LP

Stonefield - As Above, So Below LP


As Above, So BelowStonefield‘s follow-up to 2013’s self-titled debut, is a 10-track juggernaut of the Findlay’s signature penchants for kaleidoscopic guitar riffs, swirling melodies and hallucinogenic vocals, one that is set to catapult them even higher into the upper echelons of Australian psych-rock royalty.

Recorded in January at Coburg’s Phaedra Studios with John Lee, As Above, So Below is the culmination of 100s of hours writing in their spiritual home of The Shed, turning their parent’s entire house into a studio for cereal-fuelled sessions, and collaborating with Kram of Spiderbait.

A musical bildungsroman of sorts, the sprawling soundscapes and lyrical depth of As Above, So Below showcases the group’s rapidly progressing musical maturity. The end result is a dreamlike sojourn; one that encapsulates the Findlay’s almost surreal journey that has taken them from dingy Australian country pubs to the farthest reaching corners of the earth.

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