Stonefield: out of the shed come the psychedelic sisters

It would be reasonable to say that Stonefield is by far the best psychedelic, all-sibling rock band to emerge from Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, but that’s not how the Findlay sisters like to see themselves.

Amy, 26, Hannah, 23, Sarah, 22. and Holly, 18, have been wary of being pigeonholed as a novelty act since releasing their first album in 2013. Indeed, since they began performing together a decade ago.

“A lot of people perceive us as this token girl band,” singer and drummer Amy said.

“We want to earn respect ­musically, so hopefully our new album will do that.”

Stonefield release their second album, As Above, So Below, this week, following two successful US tours this year, including a March performance at the prestigious South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. via TheAustralian