Movies That Made The Valley Famous

Home to Dirk Diggler, Julie Richman, Daniel LaRusso and Jeff Spicoli, the sprawling landscape of the San Fernando Valley is easily one of the world's greatest locations for moviemaking. The blacktop boulevards that stretch the entire length of the Valley connect pristine hillside mansions to rundown apartment complexes and, as such, people from all walks of life cruise the streets, shop the malls and eventually come face-to-face with one another. As actress Elisabeth Shue told us in 2014 about The Karate Kid's Valley setting, "It's not like the kids were from Beverly Hills or Santa Monica. The Valley is a real place. Where you live becomes who you are. That was a really important theme of the movie." In this photo slideshow, we've revisited some of the Valley's movie location meccas, such as the South Seas apartments from The Karate Kid and the Reseda Theatre from Boogie Nights, but you're likely to discover some films you never knew had any cinematic roots in the 818. Also featured is Van Nuys High School, the location of Ridgemont High. via LAWeekly