Unseen Basquiat art to be shown in public for first time

Works by the post-punk graffiti artist, poet and painter Jean-Michel Basquiat will be shown in public for the very time at Miami Art Basel.

The never-before-exhibited works include drawings, paintings and collages, and were made in the early days of Basquiat’s career, from 1979 to 1981. The art was made at the apartment of his friend Lonny Lichtenberg in Manhattan, as Art News reports.

His artwork, that tended to explore racial injustice and identity through the lens of early African art and pop culture, will be curated at X Contemporary, a satellite fair at Miami Basel, by Al Diaz – the artist who he worked with on the infamous SAMO graffiti in 70s New York. The street art collective left their mark on the city, daubing statements from “SAMO© IS AN END TO THE 9 TO 5 ‘I WENT TO COLLEGE’ ‘NOT 2-NITE HONEY’...BLUZ...THINK…” and “SAMO© DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER IN LABORATORY ANIMALS” across the buzzy boroughs that housed club kids, pop artists and disco divas. via Dazed
via   Dazed

via Dazed