Exploring the Wardobe Inspirations Behind The Get Down

There are few directors who understand the power of costume quite so emphatically as Baz Luhrmann, a man whose fantastical aesthetic and thoroughly visual approach to filmmaking has become a defining facet of contemporary cinema. Remember, for example, Leonardo di Caprio’s Hawaiian-print shirts in Romeo + Juliet, Nicole Kidman’s exceptional basques in Moulin Rouge – and now, the whole wardrobe in new Netflix series The Get Down, a magical realist exploration of 70s New York and the music scenes it spawned. While Luhrmann traditionally collaborates with his wife, Catherine Martin, for The Get Down the duo took more executive roles and thus engaged the talents of Jeriana San Juan, who worked with them both on the first episode before taking the wardrobe's reins for the rest of the series.

So, with the help of Luhrmann and Martin – and the constant advisement of Grandmaster Flash who, as well as being one of the key figures in the series' narrative, was also on hand to advise on the authenticity of San Juan's outfit selections – the costume designer rummaged through Diane von Furstenburg’s personal archives of 70s clubwear, sourced the original Keds that hip-hop kids would wear to get down, and created an enviable revisioning of late-70s style with a meticulous attention to detail. Here she explains how, why and precisely what that process involved... via AnotherMag