Director Alex Cox Talks Making Sid & Nancy, 30 Years On

This year marks the 40th anniversary of punk: the British subculture that tore through the mainstream like a tornado, turning convention on its head. At its helm were The Sex Pistols, the rude, crude and lascivious London band, spearheaded by singer Johnny Rotten and bass player Sid Vicious, who in their two and a half-year tenure in the spotlight altered the face of music forever. The Sex Pistols' legacy is notoriously shrouded in myth and tragedy, due in part to Vicious' turbulent relationship with his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen, punctuated by drug abuse and domestic violence, and ending in tragically, in Nancy's murder, with which Vicious was charged; he was, of course, never convicted, as he died of a heroin overdose while on trial, aged just 21. via AnotherMag