Misfits' Reunion With Glenn Danzig Stuns With 25 Hits From Hell

"You like our fucking pumpkins?" Glenn Danzig asks a deafening Denver crowd, gesturing at the 15-foot jack-o'-lanterns glowering at the audience on either side of Riot Fest's "Riot Stage." "They're pretty fucking cool."

The band is midway into the first Misfits concert in 33 years to feature its founding fiend behind the mic, and the horror-punk trailblazers have just finished playing their gruesome "Halloween," with its catalog of "candy apples with razor blades" and "dead cats hanging from poles" – and the 10s of thousands of people watching seem to sing every word. Two coffin-shaped entryways sit at either side of the drum riser, the band's iconic "Crimson Ghost" skull-man icon seems to adorn every other square foot of stage, and the other "original Misfits" – bassist Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle – are decked out in their Walpurgisnacht best: ghoulish white face paint, black leather and spikes, "devilock" hairdos swaying over their instruments. But for all of Misfits' signature doom and gloom, everyone onstage looks surprisingly happy. via RollingStone