Lou Reed's Essential Albums

Lou Reed was a rock & roll grandmaster whose catalog includes some of the most potent recordings ever made. First with the Velvet Underground, and then as a solo artist, he made music ranging from the wildly experimental to the perfectly straightforward. But Reed was a storyteller above all, waxing poetic about the full, frightening spectrum of human emotions years before others would dare. With their trans heroines, drug narratives, love stories, elegies, guitar jams and drone-scapes, he made LPs that could be flawed. But they always showed a mind two moves ahead. During nearly 50 years of recording, Reed transformed rock & roll – and himself – repeatedly, usually before others understood what he was up to. On the heels of a major reissue project, three years after his death, here's a CliffsNotes to the man's work, which he often described as a novel in recorded chapters. Read and rock on. via RollingStone