America's Underground Prank-Call King Speaks

When Rolling Stone e-mailed the address on Longmont Potion Castle's website, it wasn't clear whether anyone would actually reply. And meeting the underground prank-call legend in person seemed entirely out of the question. But there we were a week later, in front of a cheesy, semi-chain sports bar in Westminster, Colorado. A man in a green shirt, the color he told RS he would be wearing, lingered outside smoking a cigarette, looking like a fortysomething version of a kid who would be hanging out in front of a convenience store in the 1990s.

Once we adjourn to the rooftop patio of Lodo's, the question of why he picked this spot comes up. "I've never been here before," he says. It seemed like a strange choice, too corporate and suburban for such an edgy, shadowy figure. But then again, it felt exactly right: completely weird and unexpected. When we pick up our menus, the first thing he spots is the bruschetta. He pronounces it with the goofy flair heard in one of his famous bits, "Bruschotti," and only then is it certain: The man sitting beside me is Longmont Potion Castle. 
via RollingStone