Meet the French Filmmaker Behind L.A.’s Most Cultishly-Cool Store

Juju Sorelli, I can say with some confidence, is one of the coolest cats I know. A little more than two years ago, I emailed her out of the blue, hoping she would make me a custom patched denim jacket bearing some relatively esoteric punk lyrics. She did, and in those two intervening years, what was at the time her ultra-insidery L.A. shop has grown exponentially. Known as The Evil Rock N Roll Cat, it has since decamped from digs in an unassuming Hollywood house to a storefront in Los Feliz. Sorelli’s Hollywood Savage Society range, brimming over with animal prints, velvet, and some top-notch denim, is garnering ever more interest (Lady Gaga was pictured not long ago in one of HSS’s ultra-luxe bloodred teddy boy jackets).