Your guide to Björk, one of our greatest living artists

Throughout her decades-long career, Icelandic multi-disciplinary singer-songwriter, innovator, and artist Björk has established herself as one of the most exciting musicians actively making music today, inspiring and working with everyone from Jay Z to David Attenborough. Her relentless experimentation has defied genre boundaries and the limitations of music itself, and led to a number of firsts in her career. Her latest move is the European premiere of Björk Digital, an exhibition of digital and video works taking place at London’s Somerset House throughout September and October. Björk Digital is accompanied by a show at the Royal Albert Hall, while the exhibition itself features virtual reality collaborations like “Stonemilker VR”, a collaboration with Thomas Huang wherein the viewer is transported via virtual reality to a beach in Iceland where they’ll experience a one-to-one recital of the Vulnicura track.

To celebrate all things Björk and help you to navigate her enigma, we’ve put together a handy guide that just about scratches the surface. via Dazed
via   Dazed

via Dazed