Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Is the Most Important Part of the new Marc Jacobs Ads

Marc Jacobs’s campaigns have become famous for their use of notable cultural figures and unexpected celebrities, but this season’s may feature the most left-of-field lineup of them all. With everyone from Marilyn Manson to performance artist Kembra Pfahler making cameos in David Sims’s portfolio, it’s hard to pick favorites, but Genesis Breyer P-Orridge might just outshine them all. For many, Breyer P-Orridge’s name may not be as familiar as that of Manson or Pfahler, but both owe something to the legacy established by Breyer P-Orridge’s incendiary creative output. As an artist, musician, occultist, and provocateur, P-Orridge has spent the past four decades breaking boundaries in art, music, and beyond. Vogue
Photo: Courtesy of  Marc Jacobs

Photo: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs