Françoise Sagan: A Literary Rebel Ahead of Her Time

At a time rife with teen visionaries, for whom age is little more than a number, Françoise Sagan remains one of the original young provocateurs. At just 18 years old, she published her shimmering, scandalous debut novel, Bonjour Tristesse; almost overnight, it took the Parisian literary scene – and soon, other shores – by storm. While Sagan, who chose her surname in homage to Marcel Proust’s Princesse de Sagan from À la recherche du temps perdu, led a life of frequent excess and public controversy, her legacy lives on today in the form of hundreds of thousands of utterly bewitched readers. Today, AnOther applauds the novelist and playwright who boldly dared to put pen to paper – “a great adventure,” as she once described it – at a time when most women her age were expected to be seen and not heard, let alone read the world over. via Another