These fearless youth culture mags shaped life as we know it

When I moved to the UK and my mum made me throw away all my magazines – “how would I be able to read them from nine thousand miles away?” Fine, but these were titles I’d hoarded for years, had travelled miles for, or paid an extortionate amount in postage for. I never thought about it then but those magazines transformed my suburban peephole of the world into a clear(ish) vision – shaping my interests in music, fashion and art, all from my bedroom. Cliche, yes, but I guarantee magazines made us all feel this way – that’s kind of the point of them.

I started thinking about all the titles that played a crucial part in youth culture’s trajectory that, for one reason or another, have since closed their doors. From helping to shape Russia’s first generation of teenagers to creating shrines of teen heartthrobs over our bedroom walls or embracing club culture misfits, here is a list of the out-of-print mags that we really, really wish were still in print. via Dazed
via   Dazed

via Dazed