Colour in Context: Grass Green

Perhaps William Blake said it best. In his poem ‘And did those feet in ancient time’, which would later become the hymn Jerusalem, the poet immortalised “England’s green and pleasant land” for the ages. At the time, Blake had left the London he grew up in to take a job in bucolic Sussex. Those words, stirring images of rolling hills, air without soot, came to represent for him and for his readers the fertility and calm of the English landscape. But organic, grassy green is much more than that. It can be a visual by-word for possibility, health and progress. Green is the colour of money, and of envy, and the young and naïve are often referred to as “green”. In nature, depth of green is determined by the presence of chlorophyll, and on our plates green is the colour of the healthiest foods – ‘eating your greens’ holds promise of wellness and vigour. via AnotherMag