Enter California’s porn industry in Cass McCombs’s new video

Few American mythologies remain as fixed as the fantasy of the West. Whether we’re talking about the early American magnetic healers and clairvoyants who sought Western refuge in California at the turn of the 20th century or the youth still swarming to LA in packs today, the identity of the West as a locus for freedom, rebellion, and alternative thinking remains intact. For many, the West has always embodied pay dirt – the promise of new economic opportunity. Some struck actual gold. Some were cast in movies. Some were just happy for warm weather. For others, the pay dirt was the new life itself, an energizing chance at forgetting who they used to be in favor of what they could be. In the West, new money is old money and one can admit to wanting to be a movie star. Dreams are said aloud, for better or for worse. via Dazed