Immortalising Berlin’s drug dealers with a monument

“Movies and songs, hip-hop or narcocorridos, come and go – usually only known to fans. The park drug dealer, in our time – and especially in Berlin now! – is too important,” explains Berlin-based American artist Scott Holmquist to Dazed. He’s been garnering widespread support – even from politicians – to erect a monument in Berlin borough Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, in honour of African drug dealers.

Writing in a petition to the local government, Holmquist states: “Drug dealers perform a socially valuable service appreciated by many people – especially where they are easily reached, in the middle of the neighbourhood, and especially in parks.”

He directed his petition to members of the Pirate Party, a left wing group occupying four out of 51 seats in the district assembly. He argues against the vilification and demonisation of drug dealers around Berlin. He writes: “The erection of a monument would be a sensible and important recognition of this high-risk profession, and a potent reminder of the on-going struggle against the consequences of colonialism.” via Dazed
via   Dazed

via Dazed