This Woman’s Work: The Many Lives of Angel Olsen

At the very end of her latest video, for a song called “Shut Up Kiss Me,” Angel Olsen slyly smashes through the fourth wall. “Um, do I need to give more attitude, or...?” she deadpans, after preening and pouting through a roller-rink lip-sync in glittery hot pants and matching wig. This subtle moment shows off the 29-year-old singer/songwriter’s well-timed sense of humor, while making it clear she’s playing a character in the self-directed clip—a few of them, really. There’s the class clown, the cool girl (on skates!), the “crazy” chick who grows increasingly hysterical waiting by her rotary phone for his call, the hair-metal vixen posing atop a sensible sedan instead of a hotrod. On some level, maybe she is all of these things. Or maybe she is none of them. But Angel Olsen wants to make one thing clear: She is definitely not a girl at the bottom of a dark well. via Pitchfork