Trump’s America has been one of conflicting emotions across a polarizing spectrum, one that’s left us more divided as a country than united. As a nation with a history of resilience, the inherent beauty in our natural resistance is both inevitable and full of hope.

Photographer Andrew Boyle, a longtime friend of, captured a string of defining moments at this past weekend’s demonstration at JFK held by hundreds of Muslim Americans, immigrants, and allies. Click through his images above and read on below for his thoughts on the experience.

“There have been countless protests since Inauguration Day all over the world, and as a photographer, you feel compelled to document what you can in times of upheaval. Where the women’s marches were gargantuan in scale, I found the aftermath of the executive order signed to bar immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim nations most telling in the faces of the people the order seeks to affect.”

“At the invitation of a friend who is helping oversee the makeshift camp of voluntary immigration attorneys within JFK’s Terminal 4, I ventured out on a bitterly cold Fridaymorning to photograph a large demonstration that was more subdued but equally powerful in its representation of those demonized by current hateful rhetoric. Dozens of Muslim Americans joined together to hear speakers (including an elderly Jewish woman who survived the holocaust of WW2) talk of messages of peace, and partake in a large Islamic prayer service in the parking lot outside the arrival hall of New York’s busiest airport. The sounds of prayer echoed through the space often occupied by honking cars, but most apparent was the unity of multiple faiths and backgrounds standing alongside the many Muslim American immigrants that turned out to take part. Words of leaders echoed with determination and intelligence imploring all Americans to stand together in a time when powerful men seek to divide and make scape goats of millions with a broad stroke of a pen.”

“While the victory of this weekend’s lift of the ban by way of a Federal Court decision is indeed relief for many, the ruling is naturally fragile and vigilance is needed especially if you know individuals currently traveling that may be affected.”

Photography by Andrew Boyle

-via Milk