Anders Trentemøller On His New Musical Direction

Danish producer Anders Trentemøller has made a career from keeping people guessing; his four albums released to date have traversed genres and displayed an artistic range that shifts from minimalism to experimentalism via blissed-out balladry. He’s produced and remixed tracks for an equally broad array of acts, courted some of cinema’s biggest names – his work appearing in films by Oliver Stone, Pedro Almodóvar and Jacques Audiard – and now has a fifth album, Fixion, due out in September.

He recruited Savages' singer Jehnny Beth for lead single River In Me – a seductive slice of electronica that takes both artists' work in new directions – and appears keen to begin his tour next month. "My studio is a playground where I can try out ideas but I’m looking forward to giving these songs a new life on stage," he says, reflecting his reputation as a highly accomplished live performer. "It’s important to me not just to replicate the album live." via Another