Exposing the Agony and Ecstasy of Adolescence

Adolescence is nothing if not an endless series of paradoxes. As a teenager you spend your days with packs of people, and yet often feel utterly isolated; you’re carving your own identity, and yet are indelibly shaped by the influences around you. It’s excruciating, and magical, and formative, with highs and lows that are as devastating as they are delirious.

This summer, a new exhibition at California’s Joseph Bellows Gallery distills the endless absurdity of adolescence into a series of photographs, comprising both vintage and contemporary photographic portraiture from the 1960s through to the 21st century in an attempt to get a handle on what it all means. It's this focus on the personal that fascinated curator Mike Mulno. “Pictures of teens can be wonderfully complicated; full of innocence, fury, elation, beauty, and trepidation,” he offers. “Because of the attire and body language of their subjects, the images are simply extraordinary to look at too.”  via AnotherMag