Addressing Class, Culture and Identity in Modern Britain

In the wake of Brexit, a lively new exhibition curated by Flora La Thangue at London’s Beetle + Huxley gallery charts the ways in which photographers over the past century have perceived British culture and society – its customs, politics, fashions and music. Satirically titled An Ideal For Living, after Joy Division’s debut EP, the exhibition presents a roll call of 29 iconic documentary photographers, including the likes of Emil Otto Hoppé, Cartier-Bresson, Tony-Ray Jones, John Bulmer, Jo Spence, Martin Parr, Derek Ridgers and Mahtub Hussein. “The scope of the exhibition is intended to underline the breadth of approaches towards questions of national identity,” La Thangue explains via email, equally noting the penchant for irony shared by many of those included in the show. “It’s not about defining or distilling an essential view of modern Britain, but bringing to light the unerring attention that photographers have dedicated to documenting it over the last 100 years.” via AnotherMag